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    Cat & Dog Theology (Sjogren & Robison); Celebration of Discipline (Foster); Christ and Culture (Niebuhr); Dark Night of the Soul (St. John of the Cross); Divine Conspiracy (Willard); Everything Must Change (McLaren); Exclusion and Embrace (Volf); Images of the Church in the New Testament (Minear); Invitation to a Journey (Mulholland, Jr.); Models of the Church (Dulles); No Man Is an Island (Merton); Not the Way It's Supposed to Be, A Breviary of Sin (Plantinga, Jr.); Oswald Chambers, Abandoned to God (based on sermons, lectures, and speeches transcribed by Chamber’s wife from dictation she took); Searching for God Knows What (Miller); The Church Impotent (Podles); The Emotionally Healthy Church (Scazzero); The Pressure's Off (Crabb); The Radical Cross (Tozer); Theology of Love (Wynkoop)
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Epiphany of Christ

Posted by Byron Hannon on January 15, 2018

The time of Epiphany on the Christian calendar is the period following the Advent and before Lent.  Originally, it spoke of the clarity of awareness in the three Magi as to who this child really was. More broadly, the Epiphany is the quiet celebration of our own awareness of Jesus, who He really is and why He came.  There is much trouble and confusion in the world.  How greatly it could benefit by experiencing an Epiphany of Christ.


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What’s Coming Up

Posted by Byron Hannon on January 15, 2018

January 21 – Checking for Rubble     



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